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Flexible pension provision that adapts to suit your life



No hidden fees

Transparent - Asset accumulation instead of costs

With Prosperity, you can start putting money aside for yourself from the very first day onwards. There's no entry charge, no issue surcharge, and no performance-based commission. Transparent costs mean that you can let your wealth grow.


Daily performance updates

Regular - Track your savings performance

You can use the app see how your savings are getting on at any time – and the information is updated every single day. 


All inclusive Prosperity fee

Inklusive - Your entire savings management

Prosperity's fee covers everything connected to managing your savings, e.g. switching funds, paying money in, withdrawing money, pausing your plan, cancelling your plan.


Over +10.000€ only 1% p.a. fee

Scalable - The more you save, the more you benefit

You pay just 1% for an invested amount (deposits) of €10,000 or more. You will pay an additional €5 a month until the total of your deposits reaches €10,000. 

Money from your regular savings will be used to acquire fund units, with fund units amounting to 1% being deducted from this. The monthly €5 contribution will also be deducted from your regular savings. 

Wealth management made easy

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Free of charge

Flexibel - Flexible – pay in money and withdraw it at any time, free of charge

You can always pay in money, in addition to your regular savings, to boost your savings with one-off payments of just €100 or more. Stay flexible, in every phase of your life. If you need money, you can always withdraw money from your savings. 


Free of charge*

*Costs of the pension insurance are covered by the saved assets.

Easy – pause or cancel at any time, for free

You can pause your savings plan for free. While your savings plan is paused, the cost of your pension provision will be covered by the capital you've got saved. If you want, you can also cancel your savings plan – for free. You'll get your savings back, without needing to pay a redemption fee.  


Free of charge*

*Up to 12 times a year

Variable – switch funds for free

If you're not satisfied with your fund's investment strategy, you can switch to a different fund. You can switch for free up to 12 times a year.


Your beneficiaries receive your saved assets*

*Case by case basis

Safe – Risk coverage in the event of death

Should the worst occur, your dependents will receive your saved assets. If this is not enough for you, you can arrange individual risk cover, too. This will be paid to your heirs in the event of your death – in addition to your savings.

The affordable, up-to-date pension with no hidden fees

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No closing fee

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No fund issue fee

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Free loyalty fund


Up to 10,000 €*

  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.5 € per month
  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.1% p.a. fund management charge
  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.Plus+ fund expenses**

Over +10,000 €*

  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.5 € per month
  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.1% p.a. fund management charge
  • icon / checkCreated with Sketch.Plus+ fund expenses**
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*the fund management fee of €5 a month is only applicable on a balance of payments and withdrawals below 10,000€.

**the fund costs depend on the chosen investment strategy and lie between 1.25% - 2.00%