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We put prosperity within your reach.

Prosperity. For us, this means living a fulfilling life and feeling at ease about the future – and we want to help you with this. We founded Prosperity so that as many people as possible can become financially independent. Our digital platform helps you understand your finances and retirement provision, generate and increase your assets, and protect your Prosperity.

Mission statement

Your way to financial freedom

As a licenced and regulated service provider, we are 100% neutral: we choose products that promise a good increase in value. We have no financial interest in the funds we offer. Everything we provide is simple, understandable, fair and transparent. No matter which phase of your life you are in, what financial goals you want to achieve, or how much cushioning you need for your retirement – join us on the path to financial freedom.

Investment Principles

Our principles for fair and transparent financial products

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    Financial products need to be so simple that everybody understands them. That said, if you ever have a question, you will get honest answers.

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    Our products are 100% aligned with your life – and all its changes.

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    We respect your decisions. We want you to stay with us in the long term because we're good – not because a contract leaves you with no choice. You can cancel your insurance policy at any time and free of charge.

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    Your retirement plan must be a safe bet that you can always count on.

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    Managing your finances and retirement digitally is great, but if you prefer, we're there for you in person.


Christoph Böckle

Christoph has been working in the financial industry for more than 15 years. What Christoph appreciates in a company? Visions and plans, a solid overview, and the most important thing: trust in its employees and partners.


Q: What motivated you to set up Prosperity?

A: The insurance industry never changes. But let's be honest, smartphones are omnipresent now: I organise almost everything digitally, and that has greatly simplified my life. I also wanted to manage my wealth planning and retirement provision the simple way, on my smartphone, but finding something was easier said than done. Prosperity makes wealth creation easy, fair and transparent. Everyone deserves the chance to be financially free.

Q: What does the retirement provision of the future look like for you?

A: Very simple: flexible, extremely affordable and explained transparently! It is important that people's pension provision is comprehensive and, more importantly, that it fits with every stage of their life.

Q: What does prosperity mean to you?

A: For me, prosperity means feeling comfortable with my situation, being financially independent and, above all – not being afraid!

Q: What was the worst investment you made in your life?

A: I invested in a fashion company. It's a difficult, incredibly competitive market. Since then, I only get involved in things I really understand – I stand by the wisdom of Warren Buffet.

Q: Why do you think that everyone can build their own fortune?

A: Because times have never been so good and the global market carries risks, of course, but also many opportunities.


Reto Näscher

Reto specializes in financial law and has been working in the financial industry for more than 10 years. He values authenticity and honest feedback. A corporate culture in which everyone feels heard and everybody is pulling together is important to him.


We empower people to shape their financial future

Our Team

Focus on your needs

Modern pension provision is simple, easy to set up and transparent. It can be flexibly adapted to suit every phase of your life. We focus on your needs, every day. We want to offer you a pension scheme that suits you. We use our employees' expertise to develop innovative digital solutions for you. A team of financial and digital experts devises intelligent strategies to enable everyone to grow their wealth and prepare for retirement.