- transparent, simple
and flexible
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Prosperity can be planned!

In our app we analyze your financial situation via an account and budget analysis, show how and where you can save money in order to build up a fortune with a new form of modern investment plus retirement provision.

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Marek M. from Berlin

The flexibility wins me over!

“I can decide at any time when and how much I’d like to deposit or withdraw. That gives me a great feeling!“

Account analysis
for your pocket

Get in only 5 minutes concrete tips, where you spend too much money and where there is saving potential, in order to pack enough money into your retirement provision.

Connect your account to the app and off you go!

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Armin Z. from Berlin

Finally everything under control

“Retirement planning used to get on my nerves. Thanks to prosperity, I now have everything under control.“

Pension plan that
adapts to your life

With flexible payments into a new combination of investment plus term life insurance, you can provide for your old age and your family.

And always keep an eye on the development of your assets.

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Sascha R. from Frankfurt

Fair consultation

“I can always reach somebody when I have questions. And nothing is sold to me. Instead, I receive fair and competent consultation.“

Saving can also be fun

Determine your individual savings goals in the app. With flexible one-click deposits through your account, you'll see where you stand every day.

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Pamela K. from Bonn

More economical than the competition

“I made the effort and compared the costs to other competitors: The overall costs of 1% p.a. on deposited amounts are really most economical here.“

Clever shopping, more
for retirement planning

Simply specify your desired shopping category in the app and get exclusive bargains and discounts.

So you can keep more in your wallet or for your retirement - with our special deals!

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Esra C. aus Frankfurt

Totally transparent - anytime, anywhere

“It's great when you can see every day in the app how your deposited money develops.“